Gyeongbuk uiseong curling training center information

Training center build overview

1. Background and Purpose

  • For lack of facilities and programs to experience winter sports
  • To reinforce the region's competitiveness in winter sports
  • To foster strategic winter sports for the province and reinforce the role and function of the organization
  • To create a foundation to settle winter sports in everyday life
  • For the value of the Korea's first international-class curling stadium

2. Construction Overview

- 516, Jungri-ri, Uiseong-eup, Uiseong-gun, Gyeongsangbukdo
- Structure: General steel structure
- Main facilities: 4 seat of stadium built for international competitions
1st floor : playing field, office, machine/electricalroom, bathroom, warehouse,etc.
2nd floor : grand stand, waiting rooms for players and officials, bathroom, etc.
Building gross area: 1,878㎡ (2 floors)
March 2004: Construction begun
May 2006: Construction completed

3,105 million KRW
- 1,150 million KRW as subsidy from Gyeongsangbukdo Provine
- 355 million KRW as subsidy from Uiseong-gun
- 1,600 million KRW funded by Gyeongbuk Curling Association

Changing room
Conference room

3. Management System

Management/ operation: Gyeongbuk Curling Association

4. Policy and Business

  • To be fostered as an organization specialized in winter sports
  • To run various programs for local residents
  • To develop a Korean curling club model and utilize it variously
  • To run a welfare program based on curling training center that can be participated and enjoyed by the local residents

5. Expected results

Develop an international culture and sport attraction with international competitiveness in the 21stcentury
Improve health of local residents, provide a space for educational purposes, and lead a wholesome leisure culture